Our Garage Doors Spring Replacement

The springs of your garage although last for several years, need constant maintenance. This maintenance is to ensure that your garage door functions properly without causing any problems related to the springs in place. Our highly experienced Eco Friendly garage door repair technicians will ensure that your garage door spring replacement takes place not only as effectively as possible but also in the minimum time possible.
We can replace both Residential and Commercial garage door broken springs. Our goal is to come out and give you a free estimate for your garage door repair, with that estimate you can make a decision to replace the broken spring or wait until later & we don't pressure you in that regards.
Our prices for replacing broken garage door springs in Manassas VA depends on the weight of your garage door and the size. We carry most springs in our stocked up vans to ensure that we're able to fix your garage door right away.

We carry the following spring types in our vans;

Torsion Springs

Extension Springs

Torsion Strings:

The are mostly used for steel or wood garage doors that are insulated and two car garage doors garage-door-torsion-spring-replacement-stafford-vathat weigh over 140lbs. they're quite dangerous to work with because they're under tremendous tension. it's not recommended for anyone without complete knowledge and experience with torsion springs to work on them as they can cause heavy injury & even death...

Extension Strings:

Most garage door extension springs are used with single car garage doors and most non-insulated or single layer insulated garage doors from majority of the manufacturers like


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