I had my old garage door broken into by hooligans because it wasn't secure, i called guys at Eco Friendly and they came out gave me an estimate to replace the door. I got a few more quotes but their price was $100 cheaper that everyone else. They came in 48 hours and replaced the door, it works really great. Will highly recommend using them..

N Dumas, Reston VA

January 18th, 2018
Great customer service, they said they'll be at my home between 12-2pm to fix my garage door, they called me by 11:30 to say they were 45 mins away. They made it in same time window and was done before 2pm.

M Byrd, Fairfax VA

January 12th, 2018
The technician did a great job fixing my garage door but he took much longer than expected but everything worked out great. Will use again if need be.

J Boateng, Virginia

January 3rd, 2018
I heard a loud bang last night and this morning, my garage door couldn't open. I called Eco Friendly Garage Doors and they detected it was a broken garage spring. They came out same morning and took care of it, gave me $25 OFF too. Super convenient...

B Richards, Centreville VA

December 11th, 2017
Eco Friendly Garage Doors received my garage door opener & they did a great job. Door and motor works great like never before. Will definitely recommend them

Uche Anoje

November 4th, 2017
Thank you for providing great service, very reliable Company.

Nicki Estrada

September 15th, 2017
I called Eco Friendly Garage Doors about a broken spring on my door, my car was stuck in the garage & they came out same day as early as 8am to fix it, most Companies said they operated 24 hours but non of them would come out, only Eco Friendly.

Leslie Baugmanter

September 4th, 2017
Excellent Service, will use again in the future

Vijay Singh

August 11th, 2017
Fast service. I spoke with the customer service this morning and within a couple of hours, the technicians were already at my home and i was taken care of.

James Okonkwo

June 15th, 2017
If you need best garage door repair deals, i'll recommend Eco Friendly guys. I've used them and they beat everyone's price. Great service too. They don't compromise. They let me make a couple of payments to take care of my bill.

Quinn Honeycutt

May 23rd, 2017
I just replaced my old wood door with new steel insulated door from Eco Friendly Garage Doors, service was great. They were on time and everything worked out pretty well. I got a good discount too. Will definitely recommend them

Jeff Lewis

April 3rd, 2017